Deceased March 7, 2015

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In Memory

Robert Brown died in Wenham, Mass., March 7, 2015, after a brief illness. Robert was born in Beverly, Mass., and was educated in the Beverly schools and Worcester Academy before coming to Amherst. After two years at Amherst he left in January 1940, first to enter employment with New England Telephone, and then, right after Pearl Harbor, to join the Navy. Robert was in active service for a full four-and-a-half years, with two years of convoy duty in the Atlantic and more than two years in the Pacific, including work as a salvage diver. He ended as a lieutenant.

During these years he found time to get married to Averille Marshall, from Easton, Md., with whom, in time, he had a daughter and three sons. Returning to New England Telephone after the war, he began a long, successful career (which he said he “loved”), with positions of increasing responsibility, in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York City, finally retiring in 1981.

When Henry Cabot Lodge ran for vice president during the 1960 Nixon campaign, Robert traveled all over the United States with him. He then went back to NET as a division manager. Whenever Kennedy was in Hyannis Port, Robert’s job required that he too take up residence there. He enjoyed those political interludes.

His wife, Averille, died in 1990, but Robert married again in 1991. With his new wife, Paula Lamson, he took up living in Rockport, Mass., near the sea. At the time of his death, one daughter (Janis Brown) and one son (Russell P. Brown) had already died. Surviving are his wife, two sons (Robert M. Brown and Charles B. Brown), one grandson (Elliott Brown) and a great-grandson (Nathaniel Brown).

Richard Ward ’42

50th Reunion

Robert J. Brown
Although I entered the outside world before most of my classmates, it seems there is nothing exceptional in my story.
In January, 1940, I went to work for New England Telephone in New Hampshire and Massachusetts selling basic telephone service. Later, I sold Directory Advertising.

December 8, 1941 carried away; single and bored, I enlisted in the U.S.N.R. Even at Amherst thought a lot bout the service, maybe the Canadian Air Force. Perhaps that and other activities - Smith, Rahars (sic), etc. - had something to do with my brief tenure.

The War... About two years in the North Atlantic ... Convoy duty, etc. I was promoted from Bosn Mate 2nd Class to Ensign. I spent the last two plus years in the Pacific. I became a deep sea and salvage diver, C.O. of two ships, and had temporary duty in submarines. I was then released to inactive duty after four and a half years.

In 1943, I married Averille Marshan of Easton, Maryland; we had one daughter and three sons. The youngest two were born late in our life; they experienced the problems of the 1960s. Everyone is okay now.

With the War over, I returned to NET & T Co. A succession of jobs in the New England states followed, including a stint in New York City with constant traveling. Many assignments: Commercial, Directory Sales, Staff. Public Telephone and Labor Relations, were a few of them. I really loved every minute of the forty-one years (War-time service credited) and I retired in 1981.

I spent the summer of 1958 at Williams in a program of American Studies for Executives. It was very different from Amherst · The Principal and Dean actually lectured daily.
I traveled all over the 1960 with Henry Cabot Lodge. It was exhausting and entertaining and even some fun...for a young person. I met many governors and members of Congress-Republican, of course. I managed to see Jack Chester for a few hours in Columbus.

After the campaign, I was back to NET as Division Manager of southeastern Massachusetts. Whenever President Kennedy was in Hyannis Port, I had to take up residence there. Again, there was an opportunity to meet and work with his staff and visiting dignitaries. Jim Reed was around a good deal. He was a JFK intimate.

Robert J. Brown
My wife passed away a year ago. We had for some years lived in Hamilton, Massachusetts after tours in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Boston.I remarried in 1991 to Paula Lamson. We now live in Rockport, Massachusetts, a lovely town on the tip of Cape Ann. We have my nine-year-old grandson with us, who is loads of fun. We sail and ski; thank goodness Polly is younger than we are.

At various times, I have been involved in Scouting, Rotary, United Fund, etc. I also served 29 years as Director of Bay Banks.