Deceased January 25, 2015

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In Memory

Tom Wickenden passed away peacefully, Jan 25, 2015. He was born in Montclair, N.J., and came to Amherst from Short Hills, N.J. At Amherst he was in the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, played some soccer and did some swimming during his first two years.

Graduating from P&S Medical School in 1945 he had a four-year U.S. Army tour of duty in Texas, then started medical practice in Hyde Park, N.Y., in 1949. This was only to shift back, after three years, to his home base, the Short Hills area.

It was during medical school that Tom married Jean Dunn, whom he had met years earlier at Awosting, N.J., where their families had summer homes. Their three children—Tom, Michael and Elizabeth—were all born before Tom left Hyde Park.

Back in Short Hills, Tom became a full-time anesthesiologist (Overlook Hospital) and this lasted for 22 years. In 1976 Tom and Jean moved to Gainesville, Fla., where Tom worked at the university medical school. Once the children had grown, Tom and Jean were freer to indulge their love of adventure on the water, sailing the inland waterways and to the Bahamas.

In 1982 they settled in Dryden, N.Y., to be closer to the children, and built a small farm there with chickens, two cows and a tractor. These were happy years, with grandchildren, a network of close friends and Ithaca close by for concerts and intellectual stimulation.

Tom was a gentleman and a gentle soul, always tuned in to the people around him. Jean died first, in 2011, but surviving are the three children, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Final care for Tom, as it was for Jean, was at Kendal of Ithaca, a continuing care community.

Richard Ward ’42

50th Reunion

Thomas Wickenden
Summer after graduation found me caddying at Canoe Brook Country Club to earn money for Jean's engagement ring - an amount my father thoughtfully doubled. Columbia's College of Physicians and Surgeons started with a rush that fall. Jean and I had a traditional wedding in January '43; hence our "50th" is just around the comer!

July '43 found me at Camp Upton on Long Island as a Second Lieutenant in the Medical Administration Corps. Then came an abrupt shift to the Anny Student Training Program at P &. S - a two-year stint without a break- a race for the M.D. degree. Our first son Tom was born. A year later as the war played out, I began a two-year tour-of-duty in McKinney, Texas and later as a Captain in Dallas working as an anesthesiologist. Our second son Michael was barn.

Thomas Wickeden
In1949 at Hyde Park, New York, I hung up my first family practice shingle. Our daughter, Elizabeth, was born. Three years later we returned to my homebase, practicing in the Short Hills - Summit area of New Jersey; eventually devoting full time to anesthesiology. After twenty-two years we left that congested area for the excitement of the University of Florida and its Medical College in Gainesville, Florida. I retired after eight years; the last three years I worked in the Department of Family Medicine and Rural Health directing three rural clinics near Gainesville.

Two years later we reversed the usual migration pattern of retirement and returned northward. Ithaca. NY was an irresistible choice with Cornell, Ithaca College, and two of our children and their families settled there.

We live on eighty acres of fields and woods just outside of lthaca and fill our lives with concerts, plays and lectures - our own tennis court, and recently, since our son Tom and family moved to Flagstaff, AZ we've been exploring that beautiful area. These frequent trips and interaction with our children and six grandchildren have so far kept the mounting years at bay.