50th Reunion

Looking across 50 years I can see many lifelong interests influenced by my years at Amherst. In college I majored in math which formed the basis for my teaching career. Amherst inspired an interest in education which led to Ohio State University and a master’s degree in the 1950s and a PhD. in the 1990s.

Amherst also inspired a love of travel which in trun led to marriage. I met Lois on a South American tour in 1963. We were married in California and have traveled off and on ever since. The Amherst Outing Club nurtured a love of the outdoors which has led to many hiking and camping trips both here and abroad.

After graduation from Amherst I worked in New York before returning to teaching. My career started in Ohio, moved on to 5 years in New Mexico, then back to Ohio where I taught 26 years in a rural high school. We were sponsored by the Presbyterian Church and worked as volunteers. We helped teach English in a Christian school in Chiang Rai in the northernmost province. We loved the culture and many friends there.

Now we are back in Ohio readjusting to American ways, visiting family and friends and wondering what comes next. We hope to be at the coming reunion.