Deceased March 11, 2016

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50th Reunion Book Entry

In Memory

Amherst and the class of ’49 lost a loyal member, Ed Hitchcock. He was always proud of his families’ illustrious history at the College.

He was a special friend of mine because he ended up being my brother-in-law. My sister Beth; their two sons, Tad and Dan; and their five grandchildren survive him.

Ed spent many successful years in private school education as a teacher and administrator.

He loved music and sang tenor in the Amherst Glee Club with me. Ed also had a great knowledge and collection of American jazz. At one point, he directed several student productions of Gilbert and Sullivan operas. They were highly successful and gave him great enjoyment.

Another special love was the Boston Red Sox, and we spent many hours discussing major league baseball and its yearly ups and downs. This would include my frustrations with the Atlanta Braves.

Beth and Ed spent many years up north in cold country. They finally saw the wisdom of moving south to a warmer climate. This was the retirement community near Crossville, Tenn., which they so enjoyed; it was also closer to the Thachers in Atlanta. Since that move, we enjoyed visiting together back and forth.

He will be sorely missed.

 Dick Thacher ’49

50th Reunion

Edward Hitchcock
Hitchcock? You mean to tell me he spent over thirty years as a teacher?!
I know many of you guys won't believe it but I taught and was an administrator in private schools from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Bethel, Maine with assorted intermediate stops. As a last hurrah, I worked for another six+ years as an advisor to parents searching for the one place that might be able to keep Johnny/Janey on the straight and narrow--well narrow at least.

I retired in '91 and moved to the Cumberland Plateau of east Tennessee in October '95. We have our own home protected by the biggest damn White Oak you've ever seen in a spectacular retirement community. Come and see for yourself.

Edward Hitchcock
My most positive contribution to the world is siring two young men who in turn have brought into the world four grand­ children. The most recent of these are two spectacular twin girls born in May, 1997. Did I mention that my marvelous wife of 47 years, Beth Thacher Hitchcock had something to do with the above listed contribution? Fellow '49er, Dick Thacher, allowed me to meet his sister only AFTER we had graduated.

Memories of those years have become a tad hazy. So have those WWII experiences that helped to shape most of us. It does seem to me that the dear old college on the hill just opened the doors and whistled back in '46. Khakis, flight jackets and ugly GI overcoats were the predominant fashion statements of those times. Faculty members who made special impacts on me were Colston Warne, Ben Ziegler, Buck Salmon. They were wonderful years. I'm not at all sure I would make the cut today; would you?