50th Reunion

I retired in June, 1988, after having spent 38 years teaching
mathematics to high school students. During that period I acquired an MEd from Harvard and an MA in Mathematics from Bowdoin. My last position was Mathematics Department Chairman at Greenfield High School, Greenfield, MA.

I was married to Toni Waite in 1964 and we are still together. We have no children.I started a second career as a tax practitioner in 1988. This endeavor occupies all of my time for three months but very little of my time for the rest of the year. I shall probably retire from this in 1999.

Upland bird hunting remains my favorite activity. Our two dogs, a German Shorthair Pointer and a Chocolate Lab, come alive each October and November. Toni and I notice that the hills seem to get steeper each year. We also enjoy fishing and day hiking.

For some time we were active sailors on Nantucket Sound and enjoyed mini-cruises to the islands in our Cape Dory sloop. About
five years ago my wife showed me that gardening and home improvement projects were more fun than boat maintenance.

I have been an active member of U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and served as an Instructor, Flotilla Commander, and Division
captain. I retired to permanent member status in 1987.

We spend most of the year on Cape Cod. We are in Greenfield
when I am working and we are usually in Vermont in the fall.