Harold Morley '49

Harold Morley, born Oct. 7, 1924, died on Aug. 13, 2008. Harry first observed Amherst College from neighboring Mass. State (now UMass.) where he was being trained to become a fighter pilot for the U.S. Navy. From an aircraft carrier he flew a torpedo/bomber Grummon “Avenger”—the same plane that the first George Bush flew. Harry was more successful than Bush and “never put a scratch on the damn thing.”
Like so many of us, after the war was over Harry entered Amherst. He became a popular member of the AD House, where he was my roommate for three years. He was a perfect roommate, generous and easy-going. We owned a ’33 Chevy together and never had a dispute over use of the car, despite my frequent trips over the Notch to Mt. Holyoke College.
Harry supplemented his G.I. Bill income with frequent winnings at the bridge table and on the golf course. Although Harry loved Amherst, he never came back to a Reunion but was a loyal contributor to the Alumni Fund. However, a few years ago we renewed old times by playing golf with Jack Forte ’47 and Dave McNeish ’49. As usual, Harry won.
After graduation, Harry found a full-time job in the Suffolk County Land Court, married Julie and became a father. At the same time he attended Northeastern Univ. law school at night, completing a five-year course in four years and passing the bar at first whack in 1954. He established a successful law practice in his hometown of Lawrence and lived the American dream, proudly driving a half-mile long Cadillac! Progress from a 1933 Chevrolet.
Harry is survived by his wife of 58 years, Julie; two sons, John and Mark; two daughters, Susan and Gail; and a brother Robert. We send them our sincere condolences.
—Fred Gardner ’49