Deceased October 20, 2014

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50th Reunion Book Entry 

In Memory

It seems that just a short time ago I wrote that the health issues for Bert were improving and that he had taken all the family on a trip to Cape Cod. Most sadly, I have since learned in a conversation with his wife that the trip was sort of a look back down memory lane, for he had been diagnosed with a particularly fast-moving lung cancer. That dreadful and relentless disease struck him in April, and Bert died six months later, passing away on Oct. 20.

He was the youngest member of our class and regularly reminded us that he was still playing tennis along with golf all through those reunion years. Personable and bright, he was Phi Beta Kappa, so it was no surprise that he had a fine career, as executive with Edison Brothers Stores for 37 years.

Headquartered in St. Louis, he and Margie were involved in a wide range of community activities all that time with an even larger role after his retirement. These included the St. Louis symphony, the Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, the Better Business Bureau and intergenerational tutoring.

Bert was in the air force for two years, very happily married for 57 years, had two daughters plus two fine sons-in-law and five super grandchildren. His only regret in this otherwise most satisfying life was that the young ones were all living on the East Coast, which just added to their worldwide travel schedule. We lost Bert at 85, which seemed old only when we were underclassmen. He will be missed by so very many.

Gerry Reilly ’49

50th Reunion

This is my life, and its been a wonderful life so far (with appropriate credits to Ralph Edwards and Jimmy Stewart). Fortunately as I approach 70 (yes, even the baby of the class is aging), my heath and stamina permit me to play tennis 2 to 3 times a week, golf about the same, and snow ski on occasion.

My retirement years, after a long and productive career with Edison Brothers Stores which brought us from Boston to St. Louis 37 years ago, are very satisfying. In addition to sports, we travel and participate in many and varied community volunteer activities including the St. Louis Symphony, Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, AARP, Tay-Dide, Better Business Bureau meditation, and integrational tutoring.

I’ve been blessed with a terrific family: Margie, my wife of 43 years, 2 daughters and sons-in-law and 5 super grandkids. One thing both daughters did wrong is settle on the east coast, had they attended Amherst, that would be more understandable. Maybe one or more of the next generation will see the error of their mothers’ ways.

1949 doesn't seem very long ago, but a half century certainly does! It’s always great to return to the fairest college and see boyhood friends. I’m looking forward to May 1999, and with a little luck to a few more Mays beyond that.


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