25th Reunion

So much has happened since I graduated from AMHERST College at age 21, & with KT brothers John, and Seldon, left on a "grand tour" of America's WEST! We drove through "fruited plains & majestic mountains"and slept on the rim of the Grand Canyon so we could hike down & up the Bright Angel Trail. Seldon and I spent the summer with John at Lake Tahoe in Crystal Bay, Nevada. Later I moved to a small cabin nearby and they returned to Amherst as Seniors.

I stayed on as a 'shill' in Cal-Neva Casino; free-an-easy, I jumped to Pasadena, CA and, in October, hitched a ride (as driver) to visit a pal in Miami, FL • Later hitched home to Pelham ... stopping overnight at eastcoast colleges for tours, fun with different people and arrived before Thanksgiving!

I've always been a 'People Person': observing, learning, inter-acting, exchanging and enjoying the territory. More new personalities in the Army; and serious Counter-Intelligence jobs: investigating NYC officer candidates, etc. AMHERST gave me confidence & skills to ask good questions and write reports. People are more important to me than position or politics. Loved work with competent colleagues>>creating, recruiting, performing for worthwhile projects in community service, and counseling employees for career development (Personnel/Training duties plus Blood Drives, charity, etc).