Joseph M. Dietz ’49 died May 22, 2010.
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JOSEPH M. DIETZ ’49                                      

            I was shocked to hear right after the first of the year that Joe Dietz had died May 22, 2010. I had seen him at our last reunion, and Joe was in great shape physically and mentally.

            Over the years I didn’t get to see Joe too often, but we always met at our reunions and had many, many great conversations. He was a fine fraternity brother and a warm and thoughtful guy. He had reported a few years ago a heart problem and bypass operation but seemed to have made a full recovery. A kindred soul with heart concerns.

            Joe married a Smith gal, Judy Kesslinger, Class of ’55, after a four-year stint in the U.S. Air Force during Korea. They had two children, a boy and a girl.

            He retired a few years ago after a very successful career in the advertising/PR business in Newark, N.J. He ran his own company and, over the years, earned many commendations and awards statewide for his legacy to an industry he served diligently for more than 42 years.

            One last thing that really impressed me about Joe: He not only retired to play more golf, as many of us, do but ended up professionally teaching the game! How about that?

            We will all miss him.

—Dick Thacher ’49