50th Reunion

As poet laureate of our class
I consorted with my muse,
And called upon the oracle
to ascertain their views.

They both determined metered verse
to be the form to use
'Cause even if the poem's dull
it's easy to peruse.

So now it is Thanksgiving, the Massachusetts holiday,
And our daughters' kids and husbands are pilgrimming our way.

Ralph and Susan will be coming
with our grandsons George and Sam.
Vin and Booie will bring Janie,
a precocious little lamb

To the house where we retired
in Bay Head at the shore.
Where George and Sammy spend their summers,
and Jane strews toys upon the floor,

Where Peggy makes life wonderful
for all who cross her door,
And I get to have her all the time;
who could ask for more?.

Some said of me at Amherst
that I didn't do my best,
And it's true I didn't care too much
about scoring on some test.

But I still remember what I learned
and built on that foundation.
One needn't take advanced degrees
to continue education.

But mostly I love Amherst
as a place of fun and laughter,
A place of fellowship and wit
and friends forever after.

Robert Davis Jr