Deceased August 26, 2017

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In Memory

Very sad to report that our every cheerful and official head cheerleader, Ted Walker, passed away on Aug. 26, 2017, in Exeter, N.H., after a battle with Alzheimer’s complications. Ted came to Amherst after a challenging youth wherein he moved 32 times before he was 21! He served in the air force as pilot and second lieutenant for the period of 1943-46.

At college he was a member of Psi U, was on the swimming team, the Student Council and began his lifetime love affair with the small dimpled ball and the broad green fields. For a bit of adventure one day, he took Doc Tingley ’49 and Woody Kingman ’49 for a ride in an AT-6 from Westover AF Base. The two passengers barely survived. But all remained good friends as Woody, along with Linn Perkins ’49, were ushers at his wedding to Pat in 1951, and Kirk Munroe ’49 was best man. Fraternity bros all the way.

Ted and Pat had four children, the usual array of grandchildren and traveled whenever they could. The British Isles, a particular favorite, along with a college trip to Provence and a three week “People-to-People” golf trip to Australia and New Zealand. He topped this with a three week “Grand Tour of Europe,” covering 10 cities three years later. For 35 years he labored in the paper and packaging industry (as did Dick Thacher ’49 and yours truly).

I caught up with Pat and Ted in Vero Beach as he was one of a half dozen from our class who moved to this lovely spot in retirement. He played tennis for many years and then got really serious with his golf. He and Chuck Winans ’50 were mainstays on the alumni gold team for the annual match against Williams in Vero Beach which I believe we usually won. He was a true delight to be with, the same in college and the later years. There will be a memorial service at a future date.

Gerry Reilly ’49