Deceased December 15, 2022

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In Memory

Dave Sinclair was my lifelong friend. We attended grammar school, high school and college together. At the time of his death on Dec. 15, 2022, we were co-presidents of the class of 1950.

Shortly after graduation, Dave joined the Marine Corps. He served for two years, and at the time of discharge he had become a staff sergeant. Upon discharge, he joined T.D. Helprin, Inc., marine insurance surveyors. He later became president of the firm and continued with it until retirement. He loved his job, which took him to many countries. During the early days with the Helprin firm, he found the time to earn an MBA based on foreign trade at Columbia University.

Dave had a long record of sailboat racing, much of it with his wife, Sue, who was a winner of the Adams Trophy, the USA national women’s sailing championship. His skills in large-yacht racing were in great demand. He was sailing master on the beautiful and famous schooner Nina, winner of many offshore ocean races. He was a crew member of many other large sailing yachts, including the yawl Ticonderoga when she was winner of the Marblehead/Halifax race. At the time of his passing, Dave was the second-longest-serving member of the Cruising Club of America, having joined in 1956. He served a term as commodore of the Noroton Yacht Club in his hometown of Darien, Conn.

I agree with a statement in Dave’s obituary written by his children: “He will likely be remembered mostly for his grace, his calm demeanor, his thoughtful and sound decision making and his moral courage, and for showing genuine interest in and kindness toward all those that he knew and met.”

Dave had a wonderful and productive life.

Andy Scholtz ’50