Deceased November 26, 2022

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In Memory

Complications from a fall caused the death of Donald Mesick on Nov. 26, 2022. Don lived in Williamstown, Mass., not far from his hometown of Cambridge, N.Y., where he went to Fisher and Cambridge Central High School.

At Amherst, Don was a member and treasurer of Phi Gamma Delta. In his early days

after college, Don acquired lakefront property and, over time, proceeded to build a number of homes which became a thriving homeowners’ association.

Don joined General Electric and then went with Sprague Electric in Williamstown. Before he retired, Sprague was bought. The acquiring company equipped Don with all the necessary technological equipment to continue to participate in the firm’s worldwide affairs from home.

Don and I unexpectedly found ourselves sitting next to each other in Williamstown at a football game a number of years ago. During a long chat, he expressed great pride in his three children and later said they were his finest accomplishment.

Don’s wife, Jane, passed away in 2012. He is survived by his children, Leland (Kristin), Steven (Helen) and Melinda Hawkes (James), plus four grandchildren and two step-grandchildren. 

John Priesing ’50