Deceased January 22, 2023

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In Memory
Morton Baron ’50

Morton Baron passed away at age 94 on Jan. 22, 2023, in his hometown of St. Louis. Affectionately known as Big Mo, he had intelligence, curiosity, humor, kindness and wise counsel that put him in a class of his own among family, colleagues, friends and employees. His big smile, big heart, generosity and sense of fun endeared him to all, especially Norma, his wife of 68 years, as well as three children, seven grandchildren, nieces, nephews and cousins.

Morton enlisted in the Navy at 17 to do his part in WWII. After Amherst, Mo graduated from Yale Law School and practiced commercial and estate law in St. Louis, first with Baron & Liberman and then with Thompson Coburn (now Thompson Mitchell) for 35 years. A student of physics, history and current affairs, Morton loved to discuss topics ranging from religion to science to human nature. 

His dedication to others and to making a difference in the world was manifested in his service to the city and schools of Clayton, Mo.; to Camp Sherwood Forest; to Russian immigrants; to Amherst; and to individuals who reached out in need. In 1973, Mo went to Israel during the height of the Yom Kippur War to report back to the St. Louis community and raise humanitarian funds for Israel. His passion for justice, truth, understanding, Israel and peace is embodied in his children and grandchildren, who continue on the path set by Mo and Norma.

Morton and Norma’s love for each other, dedication to family and care for others was legendary. They loved traveling, entertaining, fishing, theater, opera and symphony well into their 90s. Mo always had a funny story, engaging question and kind word. Among his final words of wisdom: “Always be kind to others, and take good care of my good wife!” 

Mimi Baron Jankovits