Deceased October 13, 2022

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In Memory

Jeff died on October 13, 2022, at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. 

After graduation, he spent four years in the CIA and the Army Signal Corps and several years in a family business. 

Inspired by a doctor’s compassionate treatment of his ailing son, Jeff decided to become a doctor at age 30 with three children, little money and no pre-med education. He graduated from Pennsylvania Medical School in 1966 and carried on his medical practice there and later with a private firm. Jeff was a co-founder and first medical director of a ground-breaking hospice care program at Pennsylvania Hospital. Colleagues and patients regarded him as “a really great physician.” His daughter Jane attributed his stellar reputation to his “exquisite human sensitivity and ability to key in on what ails someone.” He was doctor for two decades with the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team and alternate physician for the Philadelphia Orchestra, with which he traveled overseas several times. 

Jeff acquired a passion for nature and its revitalizing beauty by attending a wilderness canoe tripping camp on a lake in northern Ontario, Canada. This experience led him to becoming a part owner of a lodge on the same lake and the purchase of a second home in Vermont. 

Among his many interests and hobbies were woodworking projects, Grand Opera and overseas travel, which included trips to Japan, South America and Europe. Jeff was a uniquely humble man, who, according to his daughter Jane, “had no need to tout his accomplishments because he was secure in who he was.” 

On a blind date at Amherst, he met his wife, Ann, who predeceased him after 56 years of marriage. Jeff is survived by his daughter, Jane; his son Anderson; six grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Hobie Cleminshaw ’51 and Jane Hartzell