50th Reunion

Charles Brunie

Family Data: Wife #2 (36 yrs.) Jean, a beautiful, gracious Southern lady (3 grown step-children and 3 grandsons).

Career Path: Army '52-'54; MBA (Columbia - Graham & Dodd) '54-'56; Security analyst NY Life '56-'59; Faulkner Dawkins & Sullivan '60-'62; Security analyst @ Oppenheimer '63-64; director of research '64-'69; Strategist '70-'74; partner of Oppenheimer's 1965-2000; 

Founded Oppenheimer Capital (inv. advisor to pension & other funds) 1969; chairman 1969-1995; chairman emeritus 1996-2000; fired 12/00; Started own firm (Brunie Associates --inv. counselling) 4/2001

Most Gratifying Accomplishments (chronological):

1964-1968: Built Oppenheimer research department to Ul in "Institutional Investor's All Star Team."
1969-1998: Helped build Oppenheimer Capital from zero on day one to $75 billion assets and 40% margin. Bad two years performance and new owners resulted in dismissal 12/00.
1978: Became member of Mont Pelerin Society (recommended and seconded by two Nobel laureates).
1978: Became trustee of Manhattan Institute, a not-for-profit think tank Chairman 1980-1990; chairman emeritus to date.
1999: Became trustee of the Milton & Rose d. Friedman Foundation for Vouchers (for K-12)

Curiosities: Individual freedom; limited government; laissez faire and supply side economics plus monetarism; history.

Appetites: Fine dining; reading; homework; and, theatre.

Reflections Re Amherst's Influence In Your Life

Remarkingly little:

  1. Major: I owe a good part of my career to John Lightfoot, my fraternity brother (I dated his sister in high school) who had Oppenheimer hire me;
  2. Love of history developed by Prof. Lawrence Packard -- course on WWI especially, but also WWII and Asia/Pacific, live with me vividly;
  3.  Really liked fraternity brothers.

Future Plans, Whither Goest 

Charles Brunie

No idea. Stock market and associated flow of information is very (addictive?). With no pension, am dependent on building private capital. (Should have retired 3/10/00, i.e., peak of technology stock boom.) 

Now need to look for new office location - hopefully one where I will still be in the "investment flow of ideas." Plan to keep up involvement with a wide array of think-tanks.