Deceased June 2, 2023

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Cliff died on June 2, 2023. Lord Jeff Amherst soon shed a tear upon learning that another devoted member of Amherst College 1952 had passed away.

For years, a purple-and-white banner hung proudly in Dad’s home, reading, “For God, For Country and For Amherst.”

“What about ‘For Family’?” you might ask. Alas, the banner spoke of the Three Great Priorities for 1952 classmates.

Dad loved attending Amherst dinners in New York, after which he and others tirelessly and proudly worked the phones, raising money to benefit all students, staff and faculty, regardless of their opinions about Lord Jeff.

Even better were trips to the Pioneer Valley every four or five years for September class get-togethers. In these “off-reunion years,” many classmates and wives assembled at the beloved Lord Jeff Inn for cocktails, more cocktails, reminisces and a terrific dinner. As years passed, these mini reunions were held in Valentine Hall.

Best of all were the years ending in 2 or 7, when Amherst welcomed back her sons in June. Class of ’52 members were forever delighted to see each other again.

The grandest times occurred during every get-together, after dessert, when the class of 1952 rose as one and proudly belted out the Lord Jeff fight song. They forever remembered the lyrics and always sang in tune, even in 2022, when only five members attended their 70th reunion.

“I was grateful for Cliff’s joining our reunions; he swelled our diminishing ranks. He was always glad to see us, as we were glad to see him.” —Jack MacKenzie ’52

“Cliff and Bebe were amazing in their ability to shake off bypass surgery, new back operation or broken hip, etc., just in time to attend a class function. He was always upbeat and positive in outlook.” —Nick Evans ’52

Mark Anderson