Deceased September 29, 2020

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In Memory

Dan was from Rochester, Minn., his father head of the Mayo Clinic there. Dan graduated from Rochester High School and was elected to the National Honor Society. At Amherst he graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa and was president of Psi Upsilon. He received his MBA from Stanford in 1954. He spent 33 years with IBM, largely in Rochester. Later, Dan was active in the development of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and the county Republican party.

After his first marriage, Dan married Delone Schnorr in 1979, famously, on top of Snowbird Mountain in Utah. In time, he suffered from the onset of peripheral neuropathy that increasingly affected his mobility. Dan and Delone moved close to the Mayo Clinic for his care as his condition deteriorated. Sadly, Dan died Sept. 29, 2020, at the clinic’s St. Marys Campus.

Dan was well-known for his humor (and found it even in the leaking drip pan under his GI Village icebox). He was a talented toastmaster at reunions, graduations and birthdays, focusing on the lighter side of life. This is from his remarks at an Amherst event: “As a nostalgic commentary, let me conclude with this little poem called ‘Black and White’: ‘Everything always turned out right / Simple people, simple lives / Good guys always won the fights / I’d trade all the channels on the satellite / If I could turn back the clock tonight / to when everyone knew wrong from right. / Life was better in black and white.’ This has been fun. We should do it every 55 years.”

Dan leaves his wife, Delone, of 31 years; brother Slade; sister Mary; three children, Sheri, Scott and Mary; stepsons Randy and Brent Schnorr; five grandchildren; a great-grandchild; and a sad world, but with a smile on its face.

Sam Wright ’52