Deceased October 30, 2019

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In Memory

It is most sad to report the death of Grant Charles Leschin, one of the most distinguished members of the class of 1952. Grant was 92, a bit older than most of us; he had served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army at the end of World War II before entering the Fairest College.

Grant is survived by Patricia, his wife of 55 years; three children; and five grandchildren.

At Amherst, Grant was a superior student and a wonderful contributor to campus life. He was a member of Scarab, which as you will remember was the senior society for distinguished students at the College.

Grant was a graduate of Yale Law School. He spent his business career with IBM, where over the years he rose to become one of its significant executives.

Grant Leschin was a man of many talents. He was a master omelet maker, a brilliant contract bridge player and an excellent golfer and fisherman to boot. He was also a superb support and example for his children and grandchildren. Wow!

Grant will be sadly missed by Amherst, his family and a multitude of friends, but we should consider ourselves lucky to have had him around for 92 years.

Bill Smethurst ’52

Grant passed away at his home in Fairfield, Conn., on Oct. 30, a few days before his 93rd birthday, with his wife at his side and his adult children (from the west coast) with him.

A great friend for many years, we were part of the last 30 vets to arrive at Amherst in 1948.

Grant was a talented English major, a member of Theta Delt and the creative founder of the Amherst Auto Club—a welcome organization for those who owned and drove cars at the College.

Following Amherst, Grant attended and graduated from Yale Law School ... and then pursued a successful career with IBM, combining skill and legal expertise.

Grant is survived by his wife, Patricia, and his three children, Grant Jr., Anne and Alec, and his grandchildren.

He will be missed and remembered.

Dick Soder ’52