Deceased August 9, 2020

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In Memory

I was very lucky to have had Harry Wilson as my freshman roommate. Our paths diverged at the College after our freshman year, but we always stayed in close touch and remained very good friends. 

After Amherst, Harry earned an M.D. from the Maryland School of Medicine. His specialty was obstetrics and gynecology.

In 1959, Harry married Bodil Andersen in Denmark. After he served as a U.S. Air Force captain in France for three years, Harry and Bodil moved to Williamstown, Mass. Harry became a true country doctor and delivered hundreds of babies in Williamstown and environs. His patients still remember him with great affection. After retiring from Williamstown Medical Associates in the 1990s, Harry generously served as medical director of Sweetbrook Nursing Home in Williamstown and Crescent Manor Nursing Home in Bennington, Vt. Wow! What a guy and what a career. He was a truly beloved citizen of the town he lived in for almost 60 years.

Bodil and Harry returned to Amherst many times for alumni classes and other events. Bix and I often joined them when we came back for Amherst reunions.

Harry, we will miss you a lot.

Bill Smethurst ’52