Deceased November 26, 2017

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In Memory

John Dickinson (aka “Georgia”) crossed the river from this life in November 2017, following a too-long episode of severe dementia. In fall 1948, John joined the special group of fourth floor Stearns (remember the stairs?) of Amherst ’52, well-prepared by Deerfield Academy. He had strong ties with Amherst town through his uncle, Roy Blair. We had special Sunday breakfasts with Uncle Roy. Another good friend was Cliff Allen, clothier.

John was an active member of Chi Phi. His interests and capabilities, in addition to pre-med challenges, included squash, tennis, Ping-Pong and bridge—all at competitive levels. He created his own flies for fly fishing. Annual trips to a Canadian hideaway gave us a chance to meet. If you ever traveled with John to within 100 miles of Atlanta, you will know that a strong southern drawl suddenly appeared. He claimed that only then could he return home.

He completed five years of surgical training at Grady Hospital. He then spent two years in the Navy as a lieutenant commander, including during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

John and Sara raised five children during their 24 years together, before Sara died of cancer. Paula and her two sons joined John’s family for the next 38 years.

John and Paula have been very active in their local Episcopal church. He also headed several professional and local community boards.

He and Paula covered many miles in his Cessna T210, visiting family and friends and special vacation destinations.

Our thoughts of sympathy are with Paula and her extended family.

John was ever-faithful to mammoth Lord Jeffery Amherst! “Strangers once …”

With fond memories— 

Harry Wilson ’52