50th Reunion

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With trepidations I went to a tryout at Kirby Theatre for Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, and garnered a monosyllabic walk-on part. That was probably par for a freshman. We were to take the play to the Folger Library in Washington, DC, at Spring Break and perform on their replica of the Globe Theatre. Amherst performances went well, but we concentrated on the future.

The cherry blossoms were at their peak and lent a magical background to our efforts. Most exciting was the fact that we would be on "national television", whatever that meant at the time, and that President and Mrs. Truman would attend.

The night of the performance came, and we were aware of two center seats in the first row reserve for them. There was much peering from backstage to observe their entrance.

Curtain time came, we began, most of us watching furtively, but the seats remained empty to the curtain call and beyond. We were never told the reason for the Truman' s absence.

Why, when I could have dealt with numerous worthy ideas, do I mention two empty chairs? Perhaps this resonates beyond that freshman year to many of our hopes unrealized, and our dreams that are just that—dreams.

Short bio:

After Amherst I went on to Columbia University and got a BA in English in 1954 Taught and coached tennis and held administrative posts at Newark Academy Currently teach English as a second language to immigrants.

Wife Marion and I have two children, Philip, Amherst '85, and Trudi. Physical condition lt present is fair, some problems with prostate.


52 John Strahan.jpg