Deceased December 13, 2021

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In Memory

Paul died Dec. 13, 2021, in St. Augustine, Fla., where he and Joan, his wife of 68 years, had moved in 2005. Their family extends through three children and five grandchildren to include five great-grandchildren. They enjoyed many family holidays together, when Paul’s quips and sayings became a feature anticipated and repeated for the amusement of all ages. In keeping with Paul’s wishes, his family gathered at Jenny Lake in the Tetons for a private outdoor ceremony.

Born in Rochester, N.Y., Paul became the youngest Eagle Scout in the history of the Rochester Council. He was noted as an accomplished pianist, was adept with numbers and had an early interest in outdoor activities. After his family moved to Manhattan, Paul graduated from George School in Newtown, Pa., which had doubled its student body with a corresponding decrease in Quaker student representation but retained the Quaker heritage of community service and decision-making and social justice.

Paul participated fully in his Amherst opportunities. He was one of only 14 in our class to major in American studies, which was too new a field of study to have its own formal faculty department. He enjoyed fraternity life as a Theta Delt, was in the Glee Club and worked on the Amherst Student newspaper. He was on the wrestling team and lettered in soccer, earning a special highlight moment of fame by making the decisive pass to Ash Eames ’53 to put away Williams with the final score of a victorious 8–1 season.

Harvard Business School launched Paul into his successful business career, at first in sales but soon transitioning into investments with the purpose of assisting clients in financial planning for family and retirement.

Nick Evans ’52