Malcolm S. Steinberg '52 died February 7, 2012.
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Mal Steinberg, emeritus professor of molecular biology at Princeton University, passed away from complications of lung cancer on Feb. 7, 2012. Mal had a keen interest in biology and revered Prof. Oscar Shotte. Jerry Martindale recalls that Mal had an intense interest in biology and that this would be his life’s work. At Amherst, Mal was on the fencing team, enjoyed classical music and was a member of the Lord Jeff Club.

In 1956 he received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota and soon was doing research and teaching students at Johns Hopkins and Princeton. Much of his research was done at the Marine Biological Lab at Woods Hole, Mass. Mal concentrated on the chemistry of cell adhesion, which can reveal important information about tissue regeneration, cancer cell invasion, wound healing and embryonic development.

Mal is survived by his wife, Marjorie, and his four children, Jeff, Julie, Ellie and Jay. He will be remembered for his love of research and the joys of teaching.

—Jim Howard ’52