Deceased March 24, 2023

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Bob’s family moved frequently during his younger years, but as an adult, he settled early in Brookline, Mass., building a rewarding 50-year career after graduating from the Harvard School of Design as an architect primarily of K–12 schools but also several buildings for Harvard.

He entered Amherst from Greenwich High School; joined the swim team (“in the stern wake of [Don] Wasie, [Paul] Geithner and [John] Herzog”) and Beta fraternity; and served as coordinating editor and chairman to help nurture two new publications on campus: the humor magazine Sabrina and the more literary Context. Bob majored in English (even discovering that Armour Craig’s ever-present initial “G.” stands for George), and long remembered his introductory courses in art and music.

Two Amherst activities became lifetime strengths: daily half-mile swimming in the town pool for fitness, and communication skills developed from course study in the English department—more useful than “his drawing pen” in explaining architectural proposals to clients.

Bob served with the Seventh Fleet in Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines after graduation. His later extensive community activities included chairmanship of the Brookline Planning Board and presidency of the Boston Society of Architects.

Bob died March 24, 2023. His wife, Jean Hiatt (Smith ’52), predeceased him, leaving two children and four grandchildren. 

Nick Evans ’52