Deceased May 24, 2020

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In Memory

Bob was the ubiquitous class officer: class agent, secretary, VP, president. 

From his classmates: 

“When the class became conflicted regarding traditions most of us valued, he respected all points of view.”

“He was a quiet, effective leader who fostered active participation and collegiality.”

“He shared stories of Navy experiences and remembered details of friends’ personal experiences.”

“He loved the outdoors—sailing, swimming, canoeing, fishing, campfires.” 

“He was a sincere human being who loved his connection with our class and was liked by everyone who knew him.”

Music was important in the lives of Bob and his wife, Nancy. They met while singing in the Houston Symphony Chorale and continued in similar groups and church choirs after returning to Connecticut. Though he was a high tenor, he spoke softly in a rich baritone range. 

Quietly confident, considerate and a thoughtful leader with never an angry word, Bob had an inner sense of direction—practical, ethical and moral. To a person, the class trusted and respected him. He embodied all the estimable traits of leadership.

From son Harry ’78: “He taught me to tie my tie and a bowline, to sail, to write, to enjoy this world’s beauty and to seek love and friendship in it. I am proud of him. Much of the good in me comes from him. I loved him and miss him enormously.”

Bob was a fine man we were privileged to call our friend.

Jack Vernon ’52