Deceased January 12, 2021

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In Memory

Sandy died Jan. 12, 2021, after a long illness. He had been married to Carol for 57 years, with two daughters, two grandchildren and an illustrious career with roots in his Amherst courses. 

Sandy graduated from Bronx High School of Science. He joined the Lord Jeff Club, with its focus on intellectual debate as a counterbalance to social life. He participated in squash, tennis and the rejuvenated Outing Club. He majored in psychology, a relatively small department at the time but drawing wide interest among our class. Frank Randall ’52 recalls Sandy mulling over his future prospects: “If you’re interested in little white rats and why they run, psychology may be for you … but don’t go into psychology if you think it will help you sell a seagoing yacht to the governor of Kansas.” So began a career demanding the most rigorous training and devoted to the benefit of others.

After receiving his master’s in psychology from Michigan, Sandy graduated from the University of Chicago’s medical school, interned at San Francisco General Hospital, completed his psychiatric residency at Yale School of Medicine and graduated from the Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis.

Sandy’s career centered on serving in the Yale Department of Psychiatry’s clinical faculty and as supervisor for psychiatry residents. Further, he served as staff psychiatrist for the VA Connecticut Healthcare System and president of the WNE Institute for Psychoanalysis. He retired from private practice in 2018, knowing he had earned the respect and love of those he had served as educator, clinician and colleague.

Nick Evans ’52