Deceased December 8, 2012 

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50th Reunion Book Entry

In Memory

Walt Waechter passed away on Dec. 8, 2012, after a brief illness. Born in Philadelphia, he graduated from the William Penn Charter School before joining us at Amherst in the fall of 1948. Following graduation, he served on the USS Albany until 1955.

At Amherst, Walt was a history major and a member of Theta Delta Chi. Known to his close friends as the “senator,” he was a commanding, cheerful presence, never elected, ordained or even installed in any official way; he became the senator simply by example. With large and lively eyes holding our attention and broad smile bringing light and warmth, he moved readily and easily from one setting to another, always in his own thoughtful way. And those who knew the senator well appreciated that stringent conviction he brought to this way of looking at the world, with his humanistic perspective, far from the madding crowd.

Delightfully composed and confident, he brought these same qualities into the business world. A large part of his business career was spent overseas, largely in Asia and England, where he was president of Duracell International Batteries. In his travels, he always arranged his schedule to see the culture of the country.

In later years, he lived in Florida, where Bob Jones ’52 often met him and became a close friend. He was gregarious, outgoing, positive, very generous and always the optimist. Although a bit unorganized, he always seemed to get the job done.

He was a devoted family man, with three grown sons. Years after his wife, Lorraine, passed on, he met a delightful English lady, Susan Columbaria, at Cambridge, with whom he shared many trips.

Walt is survived by his three sons, four grandchildren and many other relatives. We will miss him.

Bob Jones ’52

Dodge Fernald ’52


50th Reunion

Family Information:

I married Lorraine in 1961 while at Temole Law School. We have three sons Jonathan, Christian, and Ashley, Jonath who is married, has contributed a grandson.

Career Path

After a stint in the US Navy on the USS Albany, I lived in England with Proctor and Gamble, followed by Bristol Myers, in Puerto Rico and Vick in Mexico. Went to work for Duracell in 1978 and by 1998 I was President of Duracell International. That year I founded the X Cell Group with ex Duracell vp's as partners.

Most Gratifying Accomplishments

As President of Duracell International I helped build an international business that grew from under $2 million dollars to $900 million over a twenty year period. I retired when the company was bought by Gillette.

Curiosities and Appetites

I enjoy foreign cultures and travel. My personal and business trips have taken me to most of the world, from Argentina to Uzbekistan, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Reflections Re Amherst's Influence In Your Life

"Terras Irradient" Amherst was truly my light unto the world.

Future Plans, Whither Goest

Lorraine has completed her studies at Cambridge, and is now at Christ Church, Oxford. Ergo we spend our summers in Britain, and I am still working part time at my company the X Ce11 Group.