Deceased January 3, 2023

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In Memory

Jon Fadiman, who followed a career in up-to-the-minute technology with a retirement edging back in time to Walden Pond, died on Jan. 3, 2023.

Jon prepared for Amherst at Friends Seminary in Manhattan. He graduated from the College as an honors major in physics and went on to complete his master of science in applied physics with distinction from Harvard in 1955.

First hired at MIT Lincoln Laboratories in 1955, Jon helped design the TX-0, the world’s first transistorized computer. In 1958, he became one of the founding engineers of Digital Equipment Corp., holding a variety of engineering roles before moving into business development and eventual responsibility for all international marketing.

In an account of his career, Jon recalled competing with IBM to sell one of the first digital minicomputers throughout Europe: “We sold mostly to universities, which wanted something small, something students could interact with easily and not be too expensive. We had the answer!”

After Digital, Jon led business development at several other technology companies before retiring in 1995 as director of international sales and marketing at CSPi of Billerica, Mass.

For a second career, Jon became involved with the Thoreau Society of Concord, Mass. For 23 years, he managed the Thoreau Society Shop at Walden Pond, offering his knowledge and enthusiasm to all who stopped by.

Jon traveled the world for both business and pleasure, setting foot in more than 75 countries.

Jon’s 61-year marriage to Mary Louise Turner ended with her death in 2018. They lived mostly in Massachusetts, primarily in Concord and Groton. After her death, Jon moved to Kennebunk, Maine, to live with their son Matthew and his family. Survivors include four children, nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

George Gates ’53