Deceased November 26, 2022

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In Memory

The death of Bill Wilcox from complications of Lyme disease on Nov. 26, 2022, deprived Amherst of a most loyal and productive servant and our class of one of its strongest and steadiest leaders. Many of us lost a true and reliable friend. He accepted and stabilized the office of class president, and in his many years as class agent, right up to his last weeks with us, Bill and his team of associate agents took us to a number of awards for outstanding achievement in our Amherst Fund donations; a bequest in his will adds a substantial amount to the fund in this year. His meticulous record keeping and the postcards we receive on our birthdays fostered the remarkable unity our class has maintained.

Bill came to Amherst from Geneseo High School in a rural part of New York not far from Rochester. A published obituary, now in the In Memory section of our class website, details his other important focuses as biology teacher, Coast Guard reservist and dedicated family man.

Bill was predeceased by his wife, Patricia, who had been his constant companion. Their four daughters survive them, along with nine grandchildren and, to Bill’s great delight, 10 great-grandchildren. He was, I am sure, proud of the life he led in each of its dimensions, but he never seemed interested in putting himself in the limelight. He was instrumental in my entry into active participation in class governance, first as secretary and currently as co-president. I am grateful to have known him and worked with him. 

Thomas Blackburn ’54