Deceased February 6, 2019

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In Memory

Charlie died on Feb. 6. He grew up in Avon, Conn., and came to Amherst from Suffield Academy. As an undergraduate, he was an Alpha Delt, played freshman baseball and was a political science major. Charlie’s campus activities included involvement with the Chest Drive, FBM, Olio, Pre-Law Club and Student Council.

After Amherst, Charlie spent two years in the Air Force and then went to Pennsylvania Law School, graduating in 1960. He joined a long time Philadelphia law firm, where he spent the rest of his life, primarily as a tax lawyer. Indicative of his leadership abilities and the respect in which he was held by fellow workers, Charlie was co-chair of the firm’s executive committee and co-managing partner from 1985 to 1995. He never officially retired. Charlie had the reputation of always being impeccably dressed!

Over the years, Charlie became a Republican fundraiser on the national, state and local levels. He served in leadership positions for numerous candidates. As a result of those activities, he was appointed to several governmental organizations. One of which Charlie was very proud was the Delaware River Port Authority. He stated that Philadelphia, in spite of being an inland port, was among the top locations on the East Coast for freight movement by ships.

Although we did not see Charlie at our reunions or other College alumni activities, he had deep appreciation for his Amherst education. In our 50th reunion book, he indicated that the College gave him a foundation for honesty and integrity. It educated him on how people of class and character conduct themselves. Charlie was a quick learner on how to treat others.

Rob Sowersby ’55