Deceased August 24, 2006

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In Memory

Don MacDonald died August 24, 2006, in Kirkland, WA, of heart failure.  In that tenuous zone of aging in which ’55 now resides, it was a shock to hear of Don’s passing.  While we were not the closest of friends, we had known each other since eighth grade and, along with Ralph Allen, had represented our Class contingent from the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia to Amherst.

Don was an active participant in a variety of activities.  In high school, he played soccer and squash hard and well.  He was a very good student who could be counted on to join any number of other activities, which included acting as one of his top priorities.  The latter was undoubtedly a prelude to the drama major which he pursued in college.

At Amherst, Don continued his activist lifestyle which Don MacDougall summarizes as follows: “I knew Don MacDonald at Amherst since we played squash as competitors and teammates throughout our four years at the College.  He was gracious, quiet, and, on the court, a fierce competitor.  I liked him for all those qualities.”  Don goes on to add that Don was a very private person in his personal demeanor, and I would definitely concur in that.  He returned to Penn Charter for the 50th Reunion, and my lasting memory will be of a person who socially interacted but still maintained his own space.  Nevertheless, he appears to have led an interesting and challenging life filled with a variety of experiences, primarily in business.

He worked at various times as a manager, manufacturer’s rep, controller, business consultant, and briefly in real estate.  Before joining the business world, Don was a naval officer and pilot who served in the reserves for a time after his active duty.  He was an active member of several civic organizations in Washington and served as a director on their boards.

In short, Don MacDonald made use of the early potential he exhibited at Penn Charter and Amherst and was not fearful of undertaking new roles on or off the stage!  Our Class sends its deepest sympathy to his three children and five grandchildren in Washington.

Dave Weinman ’55