George F. Karch Jr. ’55

Deceased September 16, 2010

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In Memory

On Sept. 16, 2010, George, surrounded by his loving family, passed away, having fought his progressive lung condition for several years, being true to his lifelong creed, "Grace under pressure."  In his autobiographical memoir entitled Confidence and Independence; Fortunate at Birth,he fondly remembers being a Midwest youth which allowed him a great deal of freedom, setting the tone for his life spent largely "my way." He loved trains, traveling them extensively alone starting at the age of 12. George spent his elementary through high school days in the Shaker Heights school system, becoming an excellent student, a Shaker Hall of Fame athlete and part of the 1951, 11-person contingent to Amherst.

At Amherst, George was a member of a football team that never lost to Williams and went undefeated one year. George loved the nighttime, free-flowing discussions. His roommates remember once he pronounced that our upcoming required military tours would be in sharp contrast to our Amherst experience, and though we might have positive experiences in the military, we would not truly appreciate Amherst until after.

Following military service, George attended Michigan Law school, met and married Carolyn Biggar, the "love of my life," and joined the Cleveland law firm of Thompson, Hine and Flory, where he would go on to partnership and true to his basic love of debate, became a highly respected litigator.

George and Carolyn had three children: Geoffrey, George F. III and Megan, and George was "Pops" to four grandchildren. George was a student of politics, history, sports and loved to travel. He was always engaging, interesting, upbeat and was devoted to his family, friends - even his oft beleaguered Cleveland Sports teams. As his time drew near, George faced it square on, reminding us what a gift it has been to have George as a part of our lives.

Paul Hommeyer '55
Les Nash '55