Deceased October 16, 2018

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In Memory

Gerry was born in Jersey City, the oldest brother of William “Bill” ’58 and Howard. At Stevens Hoboken Academy, he was active in theater and sports. He attended Amherst (Psi U) for two years before completing college at NYU, majoring in theater and French. He and Dorothy Wolf (CCNY ’57) were happily married for 61 years, with two children, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. 

After two years in the army, the Cantors moved to Westfield, N.J., where he became a stockbroker, never retiring. Gerry was very involved with his synagogue as a “para-rabbi,” leading services and shiva minyans. He served his federation by taking two terms as president and represented them on the board of the Jewish Agency. He took the job as president of the Rutgers Hillel because of his concern for anti-Semitism on campus. He gave generously of his wealth.

Gerry never lost his love for theater, appearing as the leading man in many straight and musical productions as well as directing community shows. Gerry remembered lines in plays he had done or seen. He played ukulele and piano (not great) and knew hundreds of old songs and sang a natural tenor harmony. He and Dorothy were avid travelers, especially to England and France. He did the New York Times Sunday puzzle in ink in about one hour.

He was a terrific big brother and role model, a wonderful father and husband, but best as a grandfather. 

Gerry loved tennis, despite needing shoulder surgery because of it. On Oct. 2, he tripped while playing, hit his head and suffered a subdural hematoma with major brain injury, from which he never recovered. He passed away on Oct. 16.

I still want to pick up the phone and share a concern or a joke with my big brother.

William L. Cantor ’58