Deceased April 13, 2010

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In Memory

Gerry Ayers, D.D.S., passed away on April 13, 2010, from complications of diabetes. Following graduation from Amherst with a degree in biology, Gerry graduated from New York University in 1960 with a doctorate in dentistry.

We met freshman year as floor mates in James dormitory. He was always open, friendly and smiling and made you feel like you had known him forever. Knowing nothing of his background, I asked if he played any sports, and he said, “Some pitching in baseball.” I was skeptical, so we went to the basement of James on a rainy day to play catch. I was impressed. Thinking I had seen his best, I said “Why don’t you cut loose with your fastball?” He looked at me funny and said, “OK.” I never saw the ball until after it hit the wall behind me and had bounced almost back to him. Lee Hildreth, his catcher, once said, “He could throw the ball through a wall.” He could also hit, run and field. He had a standout baseball career at Amherst and had tryouts with the professionals.

Frustrated as many of us felt freshman year, Gerry and his roommate, Bill Francisco, would let off steam by opening the window and shouting, “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.” Then they went back to studying.

Sadly, Gerry lost his beloved wife, Cathy, in 2008. He said his life had been a great meal.

His family was the main course and Cathy was the frosting on the cake. He was very expressive. He is survived by five children, Gerard E. Jr., Mary Elizabeth, Christopher, Kelly Ann and Catherine. Loving grandfather of seven, Gerry proudly served the community of Brentwood for over 30 years as a dentist.

 Phil Greely ’55