Deceased November 3, 2011

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In Memory

Henry Head died Nov. 3, 2011, after battling cancer for many years. He followed brothers Louis ’45 and Charles ’50 to Amherst after prepping at the Choate School. As an undergraduate, Henry was an English major and a member of Chi Psi fraternity. Steve Goldstone roomed with Henry sophomore year and said, “Henry was a great dancer, part of a dance group. I had to wake up Henry for chapel most of the time. He was a glib guy—wonderful to be around. Henry loved music. His passions were playing ‘Wabash Cannonball’ on his guitar and Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony on the record player.”

Following Amherst, Henry went to Northwestern Medical School for his medical degree and to Minnesota for an M.S. degree. A majority of Henry’s career was spent as an internist at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago and as a professor at the medical school. His specialty was gastroenterology. From 1967 to 1969, Henry served as a major in the Army’s Medical Corps with a brief trip to Vietnam, which earned him a Bronze star. In the early 1990s, Henry was chief of staff at Carthage Hospital in Carthage, Tenn.

Fellow doctor Don Marcus ‘55said, “Henry had a good sense of humor. Many of Henry’s relatives were physicians, so Henry was dedicated to the practice of medicine. He gave his best to do a good job in the practice of medicine.”

In retirement, Henry lived in Dunedin, Fla., where he would go dancing two to three times a week—line and square dancing. He would meet classmates Dick Langs and Steve Goldstone and their wives several times a year at a convenient Florida location for dinner, reminiscing and the rousing singing of Amherst songs. Henry is survived by five children and 11 grandchildren.

Steve Goldstone ’55