Deceased July 15, 2022

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In Memory

Win died at his home in Israel on July 15, 2022. As an undergraduate he was a stalwart on the College’s soccer and squash teams. Win was a member of Psi U and a political science major, was in ROTC all four years and worked at radio station WAMF. He cherished two years in Professor French’s Italian class (only student last semester) and Professor Mishkin’s class in music. After graduation, Win spent two years in the Air Force before earning a law degree from Harvard in 1960. He married Sue Starkman in June 1958. They had been classmates since fifth grade.

Sue and Win then spent the next 50 years in New York City. He began his legal career in the U.S. Attorney’s office, worked for two law firms for 12 years, and then became general counsel for Volt Information Sciences, formerly his principal client. That sent him on business trips here in the States as well as overseas. These travels opened Win’s eyes to the beauty of our planet and led to his lifelong hobby of photography. His photographs were displayed at times in both Philadelphia and Chicago.

Around NYC, Win was active in sports, running in six NYC Marathons. Sue said he ran around the Central Park Reservoir at all times of the year, in all kinds of weather. He was active in his synagogue for many years and recorded books on tape for the Jewish Braille Institute. Win enjoyed reading books in his few leisure moments.

Having often visited Israel, in 2011 Win and Sue made their aliyah (moving permanently to Israel) to live near their daughters and families. Win continued his hobbies of photography, running and working out in a gym. In 2015, he developed Parkinson’s, which robbed him of most of the activities he loved. 

Rob Sowersby ’55