Deceased December 24, 2018

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In Memory

John died on Dec. 24 following a brief illness. He came to Amherst from Webster Groves High School near St. Louis, the son of a 1929 Amherst graduate. As an undergraduate, John was academically a history major but actually an activities minor. He was involved with the Chest Drive, Managerial Association and Olio. John was chairman of the Prom Committee. As a result of his various involvements, he was elected to Sphinx our junior year.

Tick Litchfield ’55 and John lived on the same floor in James freshman year, and they became good friends. The Litchfields hosted John for Thanksgiving in Mamaroneck every year plus a few vacations. Tick was manager of the track team in 1954–55, and John was his assistant. The two of them traveled with the team to Florida senior year, where, in addition to track duties, they enjoyed parties at the homes of Amherst alumni in Miami. Tick is a godfather of the Shillingtons’ oldest child.

After Amherst, John spent two years in counterintelligence with the Army in Japan before joining the family business, Shillington Box Co., a third-generation corrugated box manufacturer. He was president for 34 years. John enjoyed traveling, nature, wildlife and photography. He had a cabin in Defiance, Mo., for weekend getaways from managing his company.

In December 1955, John married Jacqueline Rowe, his wife of 63 years. They had two daughters, a son and nine grandchildren. All survive him. In the last decade, John and his two sons-in-law worked together to grow Missouri grapes and run a winery. John’s managerial acumen was appreciated by all with whom he came in contact. John was a quality gentlemen and a credit to our class.

Rob Sowersby ’55