Deceased March 23, 2018

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In Memory

Those of us who entered Amherst in the early ’50s found a college still proud to host a few veterans of the Second World War even as the conflict in Korea was heating up. Into this environment Larry arrived from Bethlehem Central High School in Albany, N.Y.

An excellent athlete, he played football and baseball at Amherst and lettered in both sports.

Larry was friendly and outgoing in his relationships, in class, on the playing field and as a member of Chi Psi fraternity, where we were roommates his junior year. Common sense generally prevailed, although the shared decision to have a pet dog in a fraternity house proved problematic at the time.

Like many of his classmates, Larry joined the Air Force ROTC unit at Amherst, was commissioned upon graduation and began a seven-year involvement with the U.S. Air Force as a pilot, a reservist and finally as an active duty reservist when he was called back in 1961.

His business career included management positions with Diebold and other companies serving the financial services industry.

Among them were start-up ventures, new market opportunities and turn-around challenges. He retired in 1998 and moved to Hot Springs Village, Ark.

During his later years, Larry could often be found enjoying a good book, often a history or biography, on their deck.

Larry maintained an interest in sports throughout his life as a golfer and tennis player. He took particular pride in his wife’s skills on the tennis court. He enjoyed accompanying Pat on many trips. Larry carried her tennis gear and was referred to as the “team mascot.”

In addition to Pat, his wife of 52 years, Larry is survived by their two daughters, Tracey and Paige; Scott, his son by a previous marriage; and seven grandchildren.

Tom Little ’54