Deceased May 3, 2009

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In Memory

Mal was born on Jan. 11, 1933, the son of Alan Brickett ’21. I first met Mal in September 1948 as Wellesley High School sophomores in the same home room. Sports were a major emphasis for Mal as participant and spectator. He was track captain in high school and also at Amherst. In the spring of 1950, we ran the Univ. of Mass high school relays and did very well, after which we went to some of the prom weekend festivities at the College. We were sold on Amherst, roomed together on the fourth floor of James with Jack Phillips and survived that stressful year. At Amherst, Mal was a cheerleader.  Music was also a big part of Mal’s life, from the trombone in the high school band to singing in the glee club.

After Amherst, Mal was a multi-engine SAC pilot for the U.S. Air Force. Shortly thereafter, Mal developed Type 1 diabetes with which he coped courageously for the next almost half century. Most of his post-military career was with Sylvania where he worked in development and sales, including fluorescent ultraviolet tubes.

In later years, as he suffered from almost all of the known effects of Type II diabetes, all friends marveled at his attitude and good humor. He met and married Phyllis Pisano who rescued Mal and added 10 to 15 years to his life. Following a devastating stroke last fall and with incredible support from Phyllis and his three daughters, Mal approached rehabilitation as he had the other elements of his life, with vigor and humor. Mal finally succumbed on May 3. At his memorial service, the same words were repeated many times: kindness, loyalty, love of music, sports, the arts and family. Lord Jeff was his postlude.

Dick Baughman ’55