Deceased November 4, 2022

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In Memory

Dick was one of six classmates from the Twin Cities area who gathered with the first class meeting in 1951. Sure, some of us called him “Dick,” but the majority called him “The Pink Whale,” probably because of his size, coloring and outstanding friendly personality. As an undergraduate, Dick was a beehive of activity. He majored in economics and was a member of Chi Psi.

It was in the activities area where “The Whale” excelled. He was involved with the baseball, football and wrestling programs, primarily as the team manager. This led to being a member of the managerial association. Dick was also active with the Masquers, Pre-Law Club, Amherst Student, WAMF and ROTC. It was through the latter that he spent two years in the Air Force, primarily as a squadron administrative officer at a base in Japan. Dick left with the rank of captain.

Dick’s business career was in the financial services field. After 14 years at White Weld, Dick focused on the planning and execution of developing and structuring finances for startup, early-stage and emerging-growth companies. You may have heard of Medtronics; he wrote several white papers on the subject and was highly regarded for his acumen in this area. Dick was a longtime member of the local Episcopal cathedral, serving in the vestry and its foundation, advising on investments.

In our 50th reunion book, Dick expressed how he cherished his Amherst education because of its intimate environment and nurturing culture. He appreciated the College’s gifted faculty and ease of access to valuable extracurricular involvement. We wonder if he had time to study.

After suffering a broken hip from a fall, Dick died on Nov. 4, 2022, just prior to surgery. He is survived by his wife, Joan, and a daughter.

Rob Sowersby ’55