Deceased December 10, 2017

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In Memory

Bob came up from Westfield High School with Earl Clark ’55, Dave Anderson ’55 and Bob Allen ’55. He brought with him his optimism, sociable outlook and gift in music. He invariably thought well of people.

In short time, he gained a place in the DQ. This opportunity to practice and perform with upperclassmen, he put to great advantage—making friendships and acquaintances at levels within and beyond the College. Through this, he transcended the ordinary life of a freshman. At graduation, he took honors in American studies. Along with Al McLean ’55 and Gordie Forbes ’55, he entered Yale Divinity School. Here was a triad of young men who had weighed, debated and found common purpose through intense discussion while in college.

After divinity school, Bob married Nancy Palmer, with whom he nurtured a family of two sons and a daughter. Bob held ministerial posts in Methodist churches in northern New Jersey and southern New York State.

 As years went on, his painting claimed and deserved more of his time and attention. He attained recognition for his watercolors. His family’s summer place in Maine reinforced the continuity in his life.

At our 50th reunion, he posed the question, “What changes have there been since we were seniors?” It was a question that drew forth more responses—and stimulated more reflection—than anything else at the reunion.

What was the essence of Bob Grant? We think it was his conviction that life was good and that it was intended to be so.

Al McLean ’55 closed the prayer of thanksgiving at Bob’s memorial service: “O loving God ... , We rejoice in the legacy Bob leaves of a life well-lived, a life of faith and family, a life of service and sharing [and] the keen eye of his artistic vision.”  

Bob Allen ’55
Gordie Forbes ’55
Al McLean ’55