Deceased December 23, 2011

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In Memory

Bob and I came to the college from Kiski School and had decided to become roommates at Amherst. Bob initially stood out because of his being one of the tallest of our class. Beyond that, because of his kindness, honesty and good humor, he became a valuable friend to many of us. However, he deeply missed his family, and after pledging Psi U and finishing his freshman year, he determined to transfer to Bethany College, close to his Pittsburgh home and family. I visited Bob at Bethany, and it was obvious he had made the right choice. He enjoyed playing football for Bethany. Jim Schumacher ’55 and I on a few occasions spoke and met with Bob and Jean and wish there had been a lot more of those. The time we spent together as a freshman was enjoyable and a fond memory.

There is a short bio written by his children, part of which follows: “Bob was married to Jean Bovill in 1956. The couple moved to Manhattan in 1959 and were longtime residents of New York City and Westchester County, N.Y., before Bob retired from J.P. Morgan Investments, where he served as managing director. Jean died in 2008, and now Bob joins her just in time for Christmas. An elegant pair, they were an example of true love and devotion. Our home was filled with laughter and music, and our father was a true gentleman. We couldn’t have been luckier.”

Bob died Dec. 23, 2011, at his home in Naples, Fla. Bob and Jean are survived by five children, including Bob Jr. ’80 and seven grandchildren.

Jake Wise ’55