Deceased May 16, 2020

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In Memory

Steve was born April 27, 1934, in New York City. He prepped at the Bronx High School of Science. At Amherst, Steve was a Phi Gam and worked on The Student. He majored in English but took many reading courses in French, which he had studied in high school. After college, Steve spent two years in the U.S. Army, primarily in the chief of information’s office in the Pentagon.

Steve’s first few years in the working world were with NBC in a succession of marketing/promotion assignments for the New York radio and TV stations. He then moved to Time, Inc., which was the publisher of both Time and Life magazines. At age 30, Steve was sent to Australia to establish a marketing department for the two magazines. He later returned to New York to become the international marketing director for Time.

In 1974, Steve established Beekman Marketing, with The Economist as his first client. The company evolved from magazine promotion to dealing with museums and other not-for-profits. In 2010 Steve sold the business and moved to Paris, where he spent his remaining years. He had a grand apartment on Avenue New York. Steve enjoyed the ambiance that is unique to Paris, as well as vacations in villages in Normandy. He had a love of reading, looking at pictures, listening to music, history and politics. He died May 16, 2020.

I got to know Steve sophomore year in Amherst. We roomed together at Phi Gam senior year. Steve had a black convertible that year that he generously shared with me. We dated girls who were friends in Hopkins House at Smith. Steve had a gift for friendship and sociability, made and kept friends wherever he lived. We saw each other many times over the years, at his homes and mine.

Jim Andrews ’55