Deceased June 27, 2012

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In Memory

Steve Goldstone lived a full life infused with passion for family, business, faith and friends—especially those from the Class of ’55. The last 20 years were spent fighting “the bear”—a name that embodied his battle with Parkinson’s. The journey included trips to Canada to endure two complex “deep brain stimulation” surgeries.

Born in Brooklyn and, for the last 20 years, a resident of Upper Grandview, N.Y., Steve grew up on basketball—a sport he pursued through college. He received academic scholarships to many Ivy-League institutions but wanted to be a Lord Jeff. At Amherst, he majored in philosophy and was a proud member of Chi Psi. Steve enjoyed many genres of music. On accordion, he played Greek and Russian standards and with his voice, he barbershopped. Steve went on to medical school but changed direction after too many autopsy labs; however, he served as a medic in the National Guard and relished in sharing that he gave injections with crooked needles. He pursued a career in the textile industry and built a top-performing national sales organization recognized and honored decade after next.

Close friends remember Steve’s humor, both good and bad, as a leading trait. Deane Tank ’55 acknowledges its presence as recently as the 50th reunion, and Ron Gregson ’55 remembers Steve’s recurrent comment about roommate Hank Head ’55. “Hank slept extraordinarily long hours, and Steve told Hank that he must be resting up to accomplish great things in life. That was Steve—droll, waggish but always supportive.” Steve often shared his affinity for roommates Dick Langs ’55, Luis Ferre ’55 and John Marion ’55.

Steven P. Goldstone is survived by his sons John, David and Kenneth ’91, and his wife of 44 years, Mireille. Her partnership and commitment to Steve, especially during the challenging years, is immeasurable.

Kenneth Goldstone ’91