Deceased December 22, 2018

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In Memory

Tom Wilson crossed the river on Dec. 22 following a courageous battle against severe lung disease. His sweetheart, Randee Laikind; his faithful dog, Calvin; and his family were present. We will miss his special ways. As Tom had planned a “green burial” (Google it) followed on Dec. 28 at the West Leyden Cemetery in Leyden, Mass. His biodegradable coffin was made by his son, Tom Jr., and his stepson, Wyatt.

After Amherst, Tom attended and graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 1959. He developed a successful dental practice in Shelburne Falls, Mass.

Tom was a political activist and tax resister. He taught classes in nonviolent resistance, participated in numerous protest demonstrations and campaigned for what he believed in. Risking accusations and threats from the government were part of the territory. Many of his dental endeavors resulted in bartering as payment.

Tom Jr. has two restaurants (Reunion and Playa Betty) in Manhattan. His twin, Becky, teaches at Martha’s Vineyard High School. Mother Joan also lives on the Vineyard. Daughter Kara is an intensive care nurse in the Seattle area. Son Dan and family live in Shelburne Falls.

Tom’s activities led to many special friendships. A memorial celebration for Tom is being planned for later this year. To the end he always advocated for the individual and for common sense solutions. Terras Irradient.

Harry Wilson ’52