Deceased December 10, 2013

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50th Reunion Book Entry

In Memory

Sadly, we report that Bill Warren died of heart failure on Dec. 10, 2013, at his home in Wellfleet. We were all freshmen together on the fourth floor of Morrow dorm and, later, we were together in Theta Delta Chi. Bill’s interest, early on, in Louis Sullivan made it clear that he wanted to become an architect, which he did, after serving a few years as a pilot flying B-52s. 

Shortly after graduation from Amherst, Bill married Bee (Elizabeth Ransom) and they became parents of three children before the marriage ended in divorce. In 1968 Bill and Bee visited one of us, David, at Fire Island, followed by a visit from the other of us, Kiko, with his wife at the time—Jane—who was Bill’s sister. The cousins—the children of Bill and Kiko—have been lifelong friends. In 1982 Bill married Beverly (Scott) Eastman, and she became part of the Theta Delt “family,” which has been meeting annually in New York City. Bill and Bev often hosted the two of us, and others from Amherst, at his family farm in southwest Vermont. The farm will be the site where Beverly plans to invite, in the spring, his dearest friends to celebrate his life.

Bill had many interests, including skiing, kayaking, golfing, camping and hiking. He enjoyed reading and following politics, science and sports, as well as talking and sharing ideas. For one of us, Bill was the person to talk to about life and what it means after the tragic death of our fraternity brother Tim Perry in an automobile crash just before our graduation. For both of us, and for many others, Bill was as dear a friend as it is possible to have. All who knew him well will miss him terribly.

Lewis Carter “Kiko” Cuyler ’55
David Mermelstein ’55

50th Reunion


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