Deceased April 25, 2022

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In Memory

Art passed away at his home in Missoula, Mont., on April 25 after a long illness borne with great dignity and courage. He was 87.

Born in New York City, he started his professional career in Republican politics in New York, while also serving as an officer in the Marine Corps Reserve, an experience of which he was forever proud. After his time in politics, he moved on to business development and pursued opportunities in every corner of the globe, including Hawaii, Thailand, Fiji, Canada and, ultimately, Montana.

In Montana, he truly found his home and cultivated a deep desire to see the state grow economically. In this vein, he created a World Trade Center in Montana and donated the license to the University of Montana’s College of Business. He loved Montana not only for its frontier spirit but also for the outdoors. Nothing exemplified this more than the famous river trips he enjoyed with many friends from across the country.

Throughout his life, Arthur was dedicated to his family, his country, his church, education, international affairs and politics. He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Zara; three children, Erik ’97, Kiki and Sonja; and three grandchildren.

Art came to Amherst from Mount Hermon. He pledged Phi Psi and majored in political science. He was attendance chairman for our very successful 60th reunion and was a major factor in our record turnout. He loved to drive long distances, often making the more-than-2,000-mile drive from his home in Huntsville, Ala., to his other residence in Missoula, Mont.

May he rest in peace in true Big Sky Country.

Peter Levison ’56