Deceased August 10, 2021

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In Memory

A longtime New Englander, Charlie had plans in 2020, until COVID struck, to return to his place of birth, Beijing, where his father taught at Peking Union Medical College. The family fled in 1937 shortly before the Japanese entered the city. Charlie was most disappointed to have to forgo the trip.

After receiving his M.D. from Columbia’s medical school, he met Joan Gross, a nurse, during his cardiology residency at Bellevue Hospital. They were married in 1962. They lived for more than 50 years in a wonderful 1659 home in Farmington, Conn. Charlie eventually became director of cardiology at New Britain General Hospital, having founded the state’s first cardiac rehabilitation program. Upon retiring in 2000, he dedicated his energies to volunteering with town and state historical, environmental and arts organizations.

Charlie imbued his children and grandchildren with a love for music and the out-of-doors; he and Joan continued to bike, hike, camp and canoe in the United States and Europe well into their 80s. He was especially amused by how different his grandchildren were from him and one another and took pleasure in seeing them take their unique paths. At family gatherings he often sported a special pair of red plaid pants. He will be remembered for his quick wit, infectious sense of humor, love of language and affection for tropical fish.

He is survived by Joan; four children, Nancy Leach, Cynthia Evans, Caroline McCrave and Charles Leach III; and seven grandchildren.

He came to Amherst (Phi Gam, biology major) from Northwood School and his home in Newfane, Vt.

We were happy to see Charlie participating in our class of 1956 65th reunion Zoom event just last May. The class is saddened by the loss of such a wonderful citizen and classmate.

Peter Levison ’56