Earnest T. Andrews ’56 died October 1, 2011.
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Earnest T. Andrews III died Oct. 1, 2011. He was born in Johnstown, Pa., and grew up in Avon, Conn. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, he served as president of E.T. Andrews & Co., Inc., which was for many years the oldest continuously operated stock brokerage firm in Hartford, Conn. He had fond memories of high school at the Loomis School in Windsor, Conn., where he was co-captain of the wrestling team, and of his four years at Amherst, and of the lifelong friendships made at both schools.

He met Pris, the love of his life, at a Loomis School dance (he was 17, she was 16), and they married in 1956. Dale was known for his integrity, tenacity, generosity and lively sense of humor. He enjoyed studying businesses, hunting for undervalued companies and approaching challenge from every angle. A favorite motto he had printed on ETA & Co. pens: Perspicacity and patience make excellent investment companions.

He was a fiercely loyal friend and much admired adviser. He touched the lives of many. He was a master woodworker, making furniture and toys. He enjoyed leading his dogs Tor and Zizi around the show ring, as well as driving a racecar around a track. He was a “gentleman farmer” who liked a good cigar while riding on his John Deere. My dad had extremely fond memories of his college experience at Amherst and was a strong proponent of the value of a liberal arts education—how to think critically,  analyze, communicate and approach learning in an interdisciplinary way. I remember he told me that if he hadn’t gone into the brokerage business, he thought he would have enjoyed being a professor. I think that’s a testament to the experience he had as a student at Amherst.

—Kathy Andrews, Dale’s daughter